Early in my life I established a deep commitment to divergent acts in hopes of attaining uncommon insight into the nature of reality. I utilize the power of text and compose my findings into an artistic practice as a means of sharing information; philosophical public intervention.

I come from blue and white collar artists, salesmen, engineers, veterans, and progressive cultural pioneers. I began making art and seeking knowledge at the age of 15, from which my current work is a direct extension. I do not have a formal education in art, I have a bachelor’s in media & cultural studies, and a master’s in international counseling psychology.

My influences include one grandmother who was a painter of female nudes in NYC, another who founded an art school in Los Angeles and retired to Palm Springs in the 1950’s, continuing art education out of her house, and my living 90 year old godfather who founded the world’s first LGBTQ fine art museum in NYC.

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Statement of Work

Artist Statement:

I create large-scale sculptural text works that are original and unique. They distill personal philosophical concepts into densely physical and poignantly thoughtful opportunities to think, often causing an introspective rumination that effects broad perceptions of self, other, and the wider relationship with creation.

I incorporate work into the landscape by building upon the relationships with surrounding elements such as other structures, natural elements, and the positions of the sun in light and shadow. I challenge viewers to stop and align themselves with the work so that they can better connect with the depth of mystery and beauty that is in within and around them. I would succinctly parallel my work as ‘Richard Serra plus text’.

Established in practice in 2016, I have created public and private works at varying scales that have ranged between $5000 and $100,000. I am well versed in the logistics associated with project coordination, permitting, communication, engineering, installation, client and community interface, and quality detailing.

Ultimately, I am inspired by the challenges of new sites and I seek to create an aesthetically inspired visual element that integrates and adds to the landscape, revealing a deeper meaning that raises the consciousness of the location and illuminates that site’s unique human experience. Every commission is an opportunity to find the right framework for integrating the various unique elements into one cohesive experience.

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