Sarah Soward

Communal Stripes, Sarah Soward, Oil on Panel

Sarah Soward (pronounced SOH-wurd) is an artist with a focus on endangered wildlife and color. She holds a BFA from the California College of the Arts (view her art C.V.). She shows and competes internationally.

Highlights of her career include the acquisition of a painting by the Kentucky Derby Museum at Churchill Downs, acceptance of her work into the Wildlife Artist of the Year (WAY) 2013, 2015, and 2017, 2023 exhibitions at the Mall Gallery in London, England, with her giraffe painting, Sky Creature, ending up in both the Londonist and the BBC Wildlife Magazine. Her work was also accepted into the 2021 WAY exhibition, but due to the pandemic, the exhibition was virtual. Two of her rhinoceros paintings traveled with the Artist4Rhino exhibition in Italy, one of which was exhibited with the show at the Museo Civico de Storia Naturale di Genova. Her painting, Luna, is going to the Moon as part of the Lunar Codex‘s digitized Polaris Collection.

She works in traditional art media, like oil painting, as well as digital art, design, animation, and authors and designs books. She will not stop learning and incorporating new skills or taking risks. She enjoys jumping headfirst into things. (This might be why she’s nearly drowned five times.) She believes that persistence and resilience are key so she never stays out of the deep end long.

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Statement of Work

Artist Statement:

Soward’s work is characterized by expressive brush strokes and an impressionistic sense of light. She plays with scale, juxtaposition, unusual animal poses, and enjoys employing a purposeful combination of color and brush work. Symbolism in both color use and iconography are key in her work, much of which draws from archetypes, mythology, and even astronomy to tell stories and build connection between the human viewer and the animals depicted in the art. She creates in order to build and strengthen the bonds between humans and animals in an effort to gently persuade people into animal conservation and care.

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Kennedy Grace Gallery

Jungle Love

Dreams of Paradise Gallery

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