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Growing up in an unstable household I began to use art as my own form of meditation at a really young age. When I was 13 I got my first job in Boulder Colorado, as an artist’s assistant, and have been working as a professional artist ever since. Before I graduated high school I studied art at Colorado University, and at 18, I left Colorado, and moved to New York City. There I got a job hand finishing at one of the top fine art frame shop in the industry and began to master my craft.

After several years I ended up in showbiz where I managed the paint department at a scene shop in Brooklyn. There I spent most of my time painting back drops and set pieces for film, theater, television and trade show events. This enabled me to hone my faux finishing and paint treatment skills. While living in NYC I also ended up doing a fair amount of freelance illustration and even a bit of tattooing.

During that time I met my wife, Elena and in 2013 we got married. Then we decided to move, and we started our new life in Redondo Beach, California in 2015. I landed a job at Poster Mountain, an art restoration shop, conserving and restoring original artwork and print media.

In 2020 when the pandemic hit we decided to move out of LA and head to the desert, where we settled in La Quinta. I worked part time as a chalk artist, but by that point I was really itching to do my own thing. I started getting more commission work, which began to grow really quickly and before long I was booked up with murals ... view more »

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Artist Statement:

Every piece of art tells its own story and as an artist it’s my job to allow that story be revealed. That’s why I love restoration so much because I get to make an old story new again. Similarly, each medium and material tells a different story. They each have their own unique characteristics and behaviors. I feel really fortunate to have a lot of experience with a large variety of different types of mediums and materials.

For me creating art is a lot more like witnessing the universe creating through you, rather than doing the creating yourself. Each subject I engage with in a creative process allows me to experience the world as the artwork that is being created through me, and I experience that story on a deeply personal and spiritual level. In my own work I draw a lot of inspiration from my dreams or visions I have through meditations. This allows me to connect with my clients in a deeper way so I can better create what they are envisioning and allow it to become real. One client said I looked inside her head and literally painted what she saw.


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