Nicole Beck

Amplifiers 18'x12'x6' $250K Stainless, dichroic glass, RGB LEDs, granite. University of Illinois Urbana ECE, Capital Development Board of IL. The concept honors the history of this ECE where both the transistor and the LED were discovered.

Nicole Beck is a professional working artist in Chicago who fabricates sculpture in her studio, has worked for many years with young apprentice artists on collaborative public art projects as a Lead Artist, and has an extensive show record.

Beck has installed site-specific public art commissions that are the result of intensive research and collaborative input from invested stakeholders. She has won numerous grants, awards and has attended many artists residencies, creating a web of support nationwide.

Her work has evolved over the years to incorporate the concepts and applications of physics and the natural sciences. Botanical sciences, optics and astronomy are frequent themes. Nicole’s work has evolved to include iconic and unique large-scale public sculptures that incorporate a variety of materials, deftly moving across mediums to apply whatever best materializes the concept. Her works are installed nationwide.


  • AMPLIFIERS is a short documentary about the sculptures that live in front of the new Electrical and Computer Engineering Building on the campus of University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign.

    The film is comprised of intimate interviews with the artist and esteemed professors detailing how public sculptor Nicole Beck designed Amplifiers highlighting it's elements to reveal how they directly relate to the site they were commissioned for.

    Directed By Lori Bohner and Brian Kilborn

    Cinematography By Lori Bohner and Brian Kilborn

    by Nicole Beck, Chicago

    Commissioned by
    The Capital Development Board of Illinois
    Art-In-Architecture Program 2014

    For the University of Illinois Urbana
    College of Electrical and Computer Engineering

    Smith Group JJR

    Professor John Michael Dallesasse
    Artist’s consultant for conceptual design

    Vector Custom Fabricating
    CADs & Stainless Steel Fabrication

    Kaiser/vonRoenn Studio Group
    Custom cast & laminated dichroic glass

    Basile Enterprises
    Architectural granite

    Pat McDonald, Ltd.
    Rigging and installation

    Trang Donovan

    Meglio and Assoc., Philips Colorkinetics,
    Lightswitch Inc.w/ Troy Fujimara
    RGB LED Consultants

    Brady Salz
    Student consultant for LED programming

    Jyoti Srivastava
    Photography at Vector

    Linda Norbut-Suits
    Photography at site installation

    Moby and Moby Gratis
    Soundtrack "Sunspot"

    Aaron Weiss
    Aerial footage

    Alex Vazquez
    Production Assistant

    Bon Bon Films, Inc.
    Video production

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