Nicholas Kantarelis

Nicholas Kantarelis, born in 1988, is a Greek American artist creating a diverse array of media.

As a visual artist he has artworks in displayed in in museums, galleries, and public spaces all around the world.

His unique creations include large free-standing sculptures, wall-hanging, and suspended installations. He crafts plush upholstered shaped canvas paintings, organic wooden sculptures, and intricate programmed light sculptures. His works vary in size from large-scale outdoor sculptures to small tabletop pieces and framed works on paper.

Since 2002, he has been releasing music as a studio musician and producer, touring globally across fifteen countries with various musical artists.

His studio is currently located outside of Los Angeles, in the Santa Monica mountains. It was previously in  Oakham, Massachusetts.

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Statement of Work

Artist Statement:

The sculpture series ‘Idaean Fingers’ features painted aluminum metal covered in a translucent (water resistant) layer of silicone, creating long, brush-stroke-like ridges that have been finger-painted, leaving behind the mark of human presence while also resembling plant and animal life. With intentional variations in bilateral symmetry, I aim to highlight the beauty of individuality within our interconnected existence. ‘Idaean Fingers’ invites viewers to reflect on their own self and our shared connection to the natural world.

Each piece is built around a metal pole which connects to a steal base that can sit on top of the ground and be bolted down. Or it may be installed directly into the ground with concrete poured underground and the pole set into it.

The sculpture breaks down into 5 pieces. Four that are the work itself and one that is the base/ base pole.

Gallery Representation

Gallery Representation (max 500 words):

I have most recently showed with PACE gallery in NY, LA, and online. As well as MRG Fine in Los Angeles.

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