Kim A. Tolman

Kim A. Tolman, Devil and Scorpion, 1995, Oil on Canvas, 60\\\"x 50\\\"

Originally from the rural North Sea coast of Germany about an hour northwest of Bremen, Kim set aside her original trade to attend art and design college in Oldenburg. Kim had completed training and apprenticeship to be a journeyman carpenter/furniture maker but soon realized that woodworking was a stepping stone, not a final destination.

Kim worked her way through art school tending bar until the early A.M., and then after a couple of hours of sleep, driving an hour to attend class in Oldenburg. While often butting heads with the instructors and their rigid adherence to the “rules of art,” Kim developed her own style of colorful expressive abstract work.

Along with the widened perspective, Cologne brought Kim her first big city exhibitions and press. She also started working in theatre and was soon designing sets and costumes for Opera Mobile and other productions. She also tried her hand on-screen, garnering bit parts and extra work on films and television.

In the twenty-plus years since Kim A. Tolman relocated to California from her native Germany, she has amassed an impressive portfolio in theatre, film/TV/commercials, and themed entertainment.

Kim has gathered several regional awards for her theatre scenic designs and worked with some of the biggest names in themed entertainment including Walt Disney Imagineering, NBC Universal, and Universal Studios Japan.

Her television ad work has included clients such as McDonald’s, DreamWorks, Pepsi Cola, and L’Oreal.


Statement of Work

Artist Statement:

My primary love is painting with oil and acrylic, mostly in large scale, emphasizing color and texture. My style can be called abstract expressionism, but lately I have been moving toward more representational art. I also fascinated by woodcut printing and sculpture and have started to experiment in these media.

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Represented by MAD.KAT Gallery, 71590 Highway 111, Rancho Mirage, CA 92270


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  • Kim A. Tolman, She Is So Proud, 1995, Oil on Canvas, Framed, 34\" x 26\"

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