Julia Baucom

Hummingbird mural in Palm Desert

I am originally from the Washington D.C. area, I graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA with a Painting and Printmaking degree. I moved to California in 2014 and lived in Los Angeles before moving to Palm Desert in 2022. I have lived in the area for a year now and have spent my time as a professional muralist. I hope to continue with this career path and work on public projects for the city.


Statement of Work

Artist Statement:

I’ve always been interested in what is beyond our world. As a kid, I looked up at the stars and had a deep interest in outer space, and later in spirituality. I still look up at the stars and have the same questions. The more I learn, the more interested and fascinated I become with what reality may be. It’s strange how we all have different perspectives and beliefs about our world, and what happens after we die. In a way, none of us are living in the same world. I want to push boundaries with my art, to expand our minds and provoke feelings. There is an inescapable theme of duality within my life and within us, which expresses itself by exploring our humanness. What I see and feel are both the beauty and pain, the dark and the light. Art is more than a picture, it is a way of life. Expression pours out of every facet of being, and creativity is boundless and here for all of us. My motive is to harness this abundant creative energy as much as possible, and allow it to flower beyond a canvas.

Gallery Representation

Gallery Representation (max 500 words):

I am currently working on a painting series which I plan to exhibit at the Hollis Taggart gallery in New York.



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