Jessica Bell

Jessica Bell is a contemporary sculptor dedicated to the realm of public and community art. Blending traditional techniques with modern design, Bell’s creations resonate deeply, offering narratives that speak to societal concerns and personal journeys. Her approach is innovative, weaving smaller elements into expansive installations or large scale works that deliver her messages with profound impact. In her current artistic phase, Bell’s passion converges with her personal voyage into motherhood, infusing her works with rich narratives that engage viewers on multiple levels. Her art is not just visual; it’s a journey inviting observers to delve into its underlying meanings. Playful iconography and the reimagining of everyday objects, often overlooked, are Bell’s tools to skillfully lure viewers into exploring her pieces, revealing intricate layers of significance. Her artistic expression is arresting, playful, and luxurious in its use of materials. Bell’s creative prowess has garnered recognition through accolades like the Red Bull Artist Grant, the Priscilla Art Award, and the Juanita Craft Artist Residency. Over her career, she’s received numerous artist grants, a testament to her impactful contributions to the artistic landscape. Bell’s influence extends across public and private spheres, with her pieces adorning public collections at prestigious institutions such as UT Southwestern Medical Center, Amli Fountain Place Dallas, Eastern New Mexico University, and

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Artist Statement:

“Rest” is a collection of artwork that serves as a visual representation of the artist’s yearning for rest. This body of work commenced when the artist was at the threshold of motherhood, at 9 months pregnant, and culminated when her son reached 9 months old. The collection is a vibrant collection of sculptures, radiating with fun and lively colors while embracing playful designs. At its core, “Rest” is a paradox, skillfully juxtaposing the desire for tranquility with artwork that is everything but restful. These sculptures, marked by their asymmetry, interactivity, and inherent instability, beckon viewers to interact and play. The collection serves as an embodiment of the complex interplay between the longing for rest and the dynamic nature of the artist’ journey into motherhood and her son’s childhood. Key components of this engaging series include sculptural benches that challenge users to be intentionally still in order to find balance, a series titled “Family” that intricately stacks resting pieces upon each other, and imposing large-scale sculptures thoughtfully reinforced in specific areas to accommodate moments of rest. The vivid colors and whimsical designs that characterize “Rest” draw viewers in, inspiring a sense of joy and curiosity. The interactive nature of the sculptures encourages tactile exploration, inviting observers to become active participants in the artistic experience. As viewers engage with “Rest,” they are invited to reflect on the intricate dance between rest and play in their own lives. The collection prompts contemplation on the concept of stillness amid life’s dynamic rhythms, the delicate balancing act between restfulness and the urge to engage with the world.

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