Ed Carpenter

"LoveBird". Dallas Love Field Airport, TX. 19'w x 19'h x 25'd. Painted stainless steel, embedded exterior lighting, LED interior lighting. Complimenting the Modernism of the terminal, simultaneously suggesting a fantastical bird or advanced aircraft.

I work from the general to the specific, using methods that are generally deductive rather than inductive. I respond initially to the physical characteristics of a site—its scale, surroundings, materials, and patterns of use.

I try to discover “where is this space asking for special expression?” and, if so, should it be large or small, foreground or background, colorful or subdued, soft or hard, transparent or opaque, quiet or boisterous, etc. While wrestling with these dualities, I consider how my work might convey meaning in relation to the users of the space, their history, and their cultural context. The emergence of metaphor occurs toward the end of my process, at which point I massage my materials and details to emphasize abstractly the themes that have presented themselves during my explorations. When I have the luxury of public engagement meetings, I embrace what I can learn from local citizens, and I enjoy hearing their responses to my initial ideas.

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