Clownbank Studio

Pedestrian is King • 20'x8'• airbrushed acrylics on wood panels • Cars pausing in front of mama duck and her children so they can cross the street

After graduating from Pratt Institute with a major in advertising in 1972, I established my graphic arts shop Clownbank Studio in San Francisco, specializing in air brushed murals, illustrations, and signs. Starting off as a street artist air brushing T-shirts on Fisherman’s Wharf, I slowly graduated to such clients as Disney, Universal Studio Tours, 6 Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo as well as book publishers, advertising agencies, and many mom and pop businesses.

Art commissions in Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Watsonville, Sacramento, Gilroy, and East Palo Alto have also felt the touch of my brush.

Murals can be an important component in a community and the muralist must take this into account when creating a public image that everyone is forced to see on a daily basis, whether they want too or not. The mural should be like the well in a town that nourishes everyone. I like to have the element of beauty, humor, and meaningfulness in every image that I create.


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