"Wind", Whidbey Island, Washington, 13' x 4' x 2". Exterior Grade glass, stainless steel, resin, sand and stones

My work is often an architectural reliquary of sorts. I am inspired by how architectural styles reflect the times and locations from which they sprung.

The nostalgic yearning of an ephemeral past, memories soon lost, covered with layers of new stories, new techniques, new dreams: in fact, a completely new cast of characters. These characters are my art, retelling stories tinted in new colors, old shapes reworked into a modern version of the past. Using techniques that are at times medieval, and at times cutting edge technology and materials, I strive to create juxtaposition with my work.

Currently I am creating a second mosaic garden in an underserved community. I work with at risk teens on designing and creating places of magic.

Specializing in exterior grade glass and steel components: Sculptural, Decorative walls, mosaic. We also work with concrete, mosaic, resin, and stained glass



  • Suzy Hendrix is a multi-faceted artist and musician currently living and working in Memphis. Her creative career began early, when she left the states to pursue modeling abroad. After several successful years working as a model in both Europe and Asia, Suzy shifted her focus to music - picking up a soprano saxophone and becoming a member of the avant-garde performance band Urban Sax. After touring with the band for many years, she was eventually called back home to Memphis. Currently working in the mediums of glass and tile - constructing stained-glass windows, murals, and sculptures, Suzy truly embodies the Memphis creative spirit.

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