Robert Craig

Holdfast, painted aluminum, 150"X60"X56" Commissioned by the Blanden Charitable Foundation, Blanden Art Museum grounds, Fort Dodge, IA

Abstraction and the study of material culture is central to my current studio practices and methodology; fabricated metal is my primary medium. The referential qualities of my sculpture are accomplished through part-to-part relationships of hybrid forms that retain some degree of their origins while also pointing to other destinations. Color is a critical element, and the colors are chosen to be as suggestive as the assembled structure itself.

I have considerable experience creating durable monumental sculptures that create a welcoming sense of place and offer new perspectives on the surrounding environment. I can productively work within a timeframe and a budget.

My sculptures are permanently situated in private and public locations in Iowa, Massachusetts, Virginia, and Florida. I have received commissions for Grinnell College, the City of Cedar Falls, and the Blanden Art Museum. I regularly exhibit my sculpture in national competitive public art exhibitions.


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