Prentice Colbert, Inc

Swarm. 11 Times Square, New York, NY. Aluminum and Stainless Steel. Over a thousand square plates of reflective aluminum float overhead and respond to the slightest air currents in the entrance lobby. Work in motion

With a background in architecture, I have been involved with public art as a kinetic sculptor for over forty years both in this country and abroad. Since 2012 I have been in partnership with David Colbert as Prentice Colbert, Inc. My career has been devoted to meeting the requirements of the space, the schedule and the budget. Our hope is that the work will engage the mind and lift the spirit.

The changing patterns produced by slight currents of air are what we count on to repeatedly draw the eye of the viewer to the work. Works are made of elements linked by a wire web engineered to allow them to move individually and in concert. The action of the air moving over the individual elements causes the whole linked mass to move and change shape.

We take it as an article of faith that the air around us moves in ways that are organic, whimsical, and unpredictable. We therefore assume that if we were to abdicate the design to the wind, the work would take on these same qualities.


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