Po Shu Wang

Site: Levee Crown Plaza, Baton Rouge LA. Dimension: Varied. Commission: Rotary Club - The City of Baton Rouge. Medium: Multi-Media. Budget: $340,000. The Mississippi River is singing to the public through the sculpture, and invite us to sing along.

My interest in site-inspired art started in the Rome Academy of Fine Arts, Italy. After graduation, I spent 15 years in Europe working my art and teaching into adulthood. The most lasting influence from those years is the integrated cross-disciplinary practice of the Renaissance spirit, which is still where my public art approach is evolving from.

This cross-disciplinary approach naturally requires my constant collaborations with outside professionals from faraway fields of expertise right from the start, the on-going experience has taught me to pro-actively integrate non art perspectives and methodologies into enriching my humanities core, while expanding my awareness towards inspirations that are inherent in the uniqueness of each project ecology, creating a feedback loop of learning and exploration of relevant aesthetic solutions that extend to all spheres of life.

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