Phoebe Brunner

"We Are Floating, We Are Gifted", 60" x 50", oil on canvas

My paintings reflect the tension between pure beauty and the threat of nature’s devastating potential…. Sublime imagery with a slight ominous warning, between mystery and faith, between what we can control in our environment and what we cannot. And with this reverence for nature, hopefully an understanding of our responsibility to protect our environment. As a visual artist, I use beauty as a tool, a hook, to seduce the viewer into awareness, and hopefully engender a greater stewardship….Created by tapping into a huge visual reservoir of memories, I utilize field notes, photos, and thumbnail sketches. A third generation Californian, I spent a large part of my childhood on a 15,000 acre coastal cattle ranch – one of the original Spanish Land Grant ranchos – near Santa Barbara, where I currently live and work.

Featured image: “We Are Floating, We Are Gifted”, 60″ x 50″, oil on canvas


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