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"Mining Minds" A public art commission for U. of Texas El Paso. An inspirational message on education, written in binary code perforates the twin tips of the head of the pick axe.

Dear Committee,

I feel that public art is a way of communicating the core emotion or essence of any given place or situation. What public art can, and should be, is an engaging piece of art that educates and-or evokes an emotional response within the context of the given site. Above all, a successful piece of public art will challenge the viewer with alternative views, surprising the viewer with a fresh look into the meaning of the host site.
Having completed over 35 public art projects around the US and abroad, I strive to produce bold visual gestures that evoke reactions at a glance; imagery that makes a visceral connection upon first sight. A secondary level of interest is also important to me. This may include representational imagery, text or light that the viewer discovers after approaching the work, or after a period of contemplation.

Michael Clapper

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