Kelly Witmer

Cholla Catcher, steel and ceramic, 7 feet tall

I work out of my Joshua Tree studio to create paintings and sculptures in ceramic, glass and steel. Public art has been an exciting field to explore, since I love working in different mediums and relish a challenge. I have worked with many interior designers and art consultants for specific installations, and enjoy collaborating towards an envisioned environment.
I received my BFA from University of the Arts in Philadelphia,PA, with additional studies at Parsons School of Design in Paris. I have attended residencies at Atlantic Center for the Arts in Florida, Watershed Center for Ceramic Arts in Maine, ArtVallarta in Mexico and Can Serrat in Spain. My public art installations can be found in Los Angeles, Santa Rosa, CA and Las Vegas, NV.

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Statement of Work

Artist Statement:

I use a minimal aesthetic to explore negative and positive spaces, and how they work together. The voluptuous organic shapes are contained in decisive hard edges, occasionally letting colors bleed together, and depths when they overlap. These abstract forms take on personalities – they work together and interact, refusing or accepting each other. The shapes may symbolize trauma or unfettered joy. They sometimes read as metaphors for life experiences, the push and pull of relationships and the balancing acts they sometimes require.

I make most of my work in Joshua Tree, and the desert landscape plays a big role in my inspiration. The curves and slopes of the mountains and rocks, and the ever-present sun influence my abstract forms. The interpretation then represents an interior landscape within the exterior one. My goal is to create an imagined but also familiar world that can take the viewer’s imagination in new places.


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