Jorge Blanco

Bravo!, Sarasota, Florida

I am a Venezuelan-American artist who immigrated to the United States in 1999.

I have dedicated myself to the creation of art that values a positive lifestyle. My work embraces scale, landscape and the urban. I want to express gratitude and happiness and I am inspired by movement, music, athletes and nature. I have worked in many mediums, including bronze, fabric and wood, now I use aluminum because of its lightness and durability in harsh climates. My sculptures are generally painted in bright colors, I use the powder coating technique for outdoor sculptures. I am continuously working, creating collectible sculptures, prints and large-scale projects for developers and public spaces.  My work has been exhibited worldwide and as of December 2022, I have a gallery space in Sarasota, Florida, the city where I live, create and fabricate my work.

Featured image: Bravo!, Sarasota, Florida.  This work represents the vibrant spirit of the arts, I used clean shapes to create the illusion of movement. You will find abstract elements representing music, cinema, dance and the visual arts.


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