Jeni Bate - Skyscapes For The Soul

"Sea Crest Sunset VII", private collection Rosarita Beach, MX. Refractured watercolor, acrylic and poetry. A vibrant sunset off my front porch!

“I paint the skies with peace and passion, because that’s the way they paint me.”
My aim with my work is to provide an uplifting yet peaceful feeling for a space, to counteract the busy lives we tend to lead.

I create realistic and impressionistic skyscapes in a variety of media, and sky-inspired abstracts in mixed media. My mixed media work is based around my signature refractured style. I also include poetry I wrote for the painting in many of my works.

I am also available for commission paintings of many other subjects and can work from your photographs and ideas. I’ve painted pet-portraits, landscapes, concepts, even the words of a song. I also love working with unusually shaped spaces.

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