Hans van Meeuwen

Public art for a light rail station in Mesa, AZ

Apart from making shows in exhibition-spaces, I love to go outside and work with an external spot. I let my work play its role within, and interact with this larger environment. I enjoy considering how to relate to the people who use the space in their daily lives and routines. I love to work in a situation where people will unexpectedly come upon my intervention in their surroundings. I seek to elicit a moment of awareness in the flood of anonymity.

We mostly go through life in an automatic-pilot state of mind. I would love to have the artwork see the environment with a fresh look for just a second, before going back to the automatic pilot. I would love to have my artwork given a few thoughts someone may pick up. And with that, inspire the passer-by for a moment to think outside the box of our day to day routine mindset, before she/he rushed back into life. I wish to design a work that gives a symbol to the space, to the building and/or the area.

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