Denise C. Moore for Hans Van de Bovenkamp

Sagg Portal, Marine Stainless Steel, Size, 12'H x 24'W x 6'D, The Portal of Transformation.

Hans Vande Bovenkamp, a renowned sculptor is best known for his monumental sculptures, calls for aesthetic that traverses the boundaries of artistic categories, primarily outdoors. His art calls for elements that create warm, welcoming landmarks which is a transformative experience that encourages patrons to leave their busy stressful lives and transition to focus on their happiness and health. For me making sculpture is both a spiritual and artistic.” With good leadership, there is a great future opened to humanity.” His connection with nature and the narratives we create, are reaching a pinnacle. New technologies are becoming increasingly embedded in our biology to give unprecedented abilities. This transition is also driving us to tap into new ways of being creative and what it means to take care of our environment, to be at peace, happy and free.”I work creatively and offer techniques in my work that brings history into our current life. When you look at my work you see my heart”.


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