Blessing Hancock

Equitas, Salem Police Dept, Salem, OR, Painted aluminum, polycarbonate, LED lighting 12’ h x 18’ l x 3’ w, Equitas is an original sculpture that relates to the themes of welcome and inspiration while also relaying the commitment and dedication.

I am inspired to create artwork with an emphasis on innovation and new experience. Each piece in my portfolio is an original, site-specific work that speaks of its surroundings. My portfolio demonstrates my exploration of light, shadow, and color as ever-changing components of the public art experience.

I view each sculpture as an opportunity to improve the public’s experience of a place and transform a site. I am continuously looking for inspiration in the unexpected, and a diversity of site conditions have influenced me over the years. From the values of a small mining town, the life of a river, unusual weather patterns, life saving missions, or window-shopping displays, I find my inspiration in surprising places. My value as an artist lies in how these inspirations are combined into an elegant and inspiring work of art.

I have completed monumental sculpture projects throughout the world and have extensive experience working with city agencies, project teams and community groups.


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