Barbara Ellmann

ALL THE THINGS YOU ARE; Cambria Heights Branch Library, Cambria Heights, NY; Overall dimensions 10’x 48’; Comprising fifty-five 24″ square encaustic paintings

Barbara Ellmann was born in Michigan and lives in New York, where she works as an artist in painting, drawing, and mixed media. She has produced public works for the MTA; the City of Summit, NJ; and the Queens Public Library. She has been selected for residencies at Yaddo, the Hermitage Artist Retreat, Haslla Art World Museum in South Korea, and Baer Artist Residency in Iceland. In 2016 her exhibition AN OPEN BOOK 2 was presented in Palm Springs by the McCallum Theatre Aesthetic Education Program and College of the Desert.

My paintings are primarily about memory and place. I draw imagery from a wide range of source material and use varying degrees of abstraction to suggest fleeting impressions from observation and memory. This practice explores the patterns, landmarks, symbols, and colors that we use as markers to catalog visual experience, and gestures to the overabundance of visual stimuli that we daily sift through and assign meaning to in order to form a worldview.


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