Ann Tarantino

WhirlWinds, 2022. Paint on concrete bridge pier, 25 x 26 x 3 ft.

I create drawings and paintings, collages and installations, and public art projects, including murals. My work explores human experiences of place and landscape—including the colors, patterns, light, shapes, and shadows found across the natural world and the built environment—telling stories about people and the spaces they inhabit (or dream of). I use source materials about places and spaces to generate a visual language of color, line, shape, and form, combining and digitally tracing elements before etching or cutting the resulting images into paper, acrylic, wood, and other materials–or using those pieces as stencils for paintings. Each material is thus a building block combined and layered with others to create vibrant multi-dimensional works. Ultimately, my work emerges from the landscape and the built environment; the lives and memories of the people who move within such spaces; and the patterns and imprints we leave upon and learn from the world around us.

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