Alice Aycock

Liftoff, 2022. Des Moines International Airport, Des Moines, IA. Photo: M. Jessica Rowe. Aluminum powder coated white; 21’ tall x 21’10” wide x 16’ deep.

Much of my work in both the public and private spheres has been a meditation on the philosophical ramifications of technology from the simplest tool to the computer. Many of these works have incorporated images of wheels and turbines and references to energy in the form of spirals, whirlwinds, whirlpools, spinning tops, whirly-gigs, and so on. Most notably ideas of motion and travel have been an inspiration for my work in the past. For the series of installations on Park Avenue in 2014, I tried to visualize the movement of wind energy as it flowed up and down the Avenue creating random whirlpools, touching down here and there and sometimes forming dynamic three-dimensional massing of forms. The sculptural assemblages suggest waves, wind turbulence, turbines, and vortexes of energy. As much as the sculptures are obviously placed on the mall, I wanted the work to have a random, haphazard quality – in some cases, piling up on itself, in others spinning off into the air.


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