Suikaug Zhao


Script of Vine

size varies, mixed media

Health & Counseling Center, University of Oregon

Eugene, OR


Entrance View


Sky of Dreams

20' x 18', steel, powder coat sunshine gold

Celentano School

New Haven, CT





poetry projections on chandelier covered with cheesecloth


Portland Pamphlets

12.6' x 21/5', glass, fiber optics

Portland City Development Center

Portland, OR




One Brush Strokes

7" x 300" x 30", metal, rattan, mirror, beeswax, ink

AIDS Foundation

New York, NY


Hand Arch (in progress)

20' tall, bronze

Dorsey Station, East Valley Light Rail Transit

Phoenix, AZ


White Fluorescent Pamphlets

120" x 195", fluorescent lights, transparency with text