John Young



15' x 3'x 3', granite, stainless steel, cable

Private Collection, New York, NY



10' x 3'x 13.1', granite, stainless steel, cable

Redondo, WA



11' x 8' x 11.1', granite, stainless steel, cable

Dance Building, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO


The Gates of Asopus

30.1' x 40' x 12', granite, steel, cable

Steamboat Springs, CO


Jack's Piece

10' x 12' x 18.1', stone, steel, cable

Arvada Center for the Arts, Arvada, CO


Of the Earth and Man

15' x 32' dia., granite, stainless steel, earth berm

Colorado School of the Mines, Golden, CO


Soaring Stones

13' x 6' x 275.1', granite, stainless steel mirrored columns

Portland, OR


Bringing Home the Wishing Rock

120.1' x 13' x 16', basalt columns, granite boulder, steel, cable

Spokane, WA


Meteor Hold-Up

granite desk, floor, wall, sidewalk treatment suggesting

an oblique meteor shower has penetrated the architecture

Security Pacific Bank, Seattle, WA


1 Stone

15' x 3' x 3', granite, steel

Public Utilities Building, Salem, OR