Ball-Nogues Studio


Maximilian's Schell

45' x 24" x 25', Polyester reinforced Mylar, cable, and steel tube

Materials & Applications, Los Angeles, CA


Liquid Sky

32' x 80' x 150', Polyester, reinforced Mylar, netting, cable, hardware,

untreated utility poles, earth, anchors, steel tubing, and gravity-induced water buckets

PS1 Contemporary Art Center, Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY


Feathered Edge

24' x 24' x 35', Nylon twine, plastic coated mesh, steel, and ink

Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, CA


Drop-In Distraction

24' x 7' x 7', Metal bead chain, aluminum sheets, and paint

Los Angeles, CA


Rip Curl Canyon

44' x 40' x 11', cardboard, plywood, screws, and hardware


Elastic Plastic Sponge

125' x 60' x 20', Plastic tube and steel hardware

Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, Indio, CA


Built to Wear

60m x 3m x 2m, Nylon twine, plastic clothespins, American Apparel garments

Shenzhen, China


Linking Hand Cloud

22' x 10' x 12', PETG plastic and hardware

San Francisco, CA


Table Cloth

20' x 30' x 50', Plywood, steel rings, hardware, prefab table legs, felt

Schoenberg Hall, Herb Albert School of Music, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA



50' x 30' x 8', Stainless steel spheres, cable, and hardware

Santa Monica, CA